About Enise Dalisma


Bahamian-Haitian Enise Dalisma serial entrepreneur and business mentor residing in South Florida. A 25-year-old ambitious young woman who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She is of Haitian descent being that both her mother and father are Haitian nationals. She is a mother, a daughter, an aunt, and many other titles within the Community in which she serves. She is one of many successful business owners in the world today, Enise has managed to start and maintain her companies through all of her trials and tribulations. Her story uplifts inspire, motivates, and encourages many young women and men.
She was featured in the Voyage Miami Magazine in 2021 during her interview she made mentioned her struggles cultivated her to become the woman that she is today. Her resilience continues to be showcased even today as she strives daily to be a better her, she often reminds many that everything she has and is doing; anyone else can do it. "With God's help and my commitment I will succeed" is a quote often said by Enise, she is one of the strong pillars of hope in the entrepreneurial industry. Leading by example and displaying true leadership skills in all that she does Enise also has a kind heart and is always so eager to help where she can, she has also gained features in one of the Bahama's biggest news outlets Eyewitness News where she was interviewed during the food shortage period, she showcased her company which operates in the logistics industry. She was also showcased during her Give back event in her hometown in 2021 where she provided students with back-to-school essentials, aside from this she was showcased once more during her women entrepreneurship event which was held in Nassau in early 2021. She spearheaded along with other strong-minded women an event that brought entrepreneurs together to network and greet each other.
We often understand that Enise loves God and acknowledges him for everything that happens in her life. She is the CEO of Kourtneys Foreign Kart LLC (south Florida), Kourtney's Kloset (Nassau, Bahamas), and M3 - Money multipliers mindset with Enise Dalisma (Mobile), alas she is a new author and publisher of her Business Foundation E-book.
We salute this great statue of the woman that she is and honor her in her present and future endeavors.